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I love to travel, I am blessed to have experienced so many beautiful places. 
I start my day with a bike ride exploring the break of day. It seems like every day the same places look so different. Mist in the valley, the stillness on a soon to be hot day, the vast variety of changing colours and light, kangaroos, cows, horses a variety of birds and even lyrebirds enter my day. 

I enjoy being healthy and taking care of myself physically through eating consciously and caring for my body. I love that I have a precision instrument body that knows how to run itself so intelligently, and bring itself back to wellness if need be. 

My garden delights me, I love for my clients to be greeted with beauty and happy fragrant flowers. I have a variety of old heirloom roses and it is a great pleasure to fill a vase with their fragrance in my therapy room. 

am very interested in integrative healing and Bach Flower Remedies. I enjoy live Theatre or just going out for dinner and a movie. I like to have adventures on the weekend, these include, bushwalking, camping, flower festivals, concerts, day trips. Most of all I love my work, seeing people move to joy. Who would not enjoy that?

 We deal with Assertiveness, Crisis, Depression -Unipolar or Bipolar, Emotional Distress, Loss and Grief, Palliative psychological care, Life Transitions, Fears and Phobias, Panic attacks, Post-traumatic Stress, Marital, family and Relationship problem, Sexual Abuse & Trauma and difficulties, Addictions such as Alcohol, gambling, Cannabis, Smoking cessation, personal struggle, illness, ageing and work related issues, Sleeping difficulties, eating disorders and personal growth. Gwenda assists with issues related to Victims of Crime, accidents and natural disasters. 

Through the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Holistic, Solution Focused Therapy we will bring you to a place of alignment with yourself so you can access what makes you happy. Our centre is a peaceful, private space for you to find healing and return to balance and harmonious living. 

Stress is the body's response to demand, when people feel stressed by something going on around them, such as worry over money, family or job. Our bodies react by releasing chemicals into the blood. These can give people energy and strength, which helps if the stress is caused by physical danger. However, if stress is in response to something emotional there is no outlet for this extra energy and strength.


What Causes Stress?

Survival Stress -  This is a common response to danger causing fight/flight/freeze, when you are afraid that someone or something may physically hurt you.

Internal Stress - Internal stress is when people make themselves stressed. This often happens when we worry about things we can't control or put ourselves in situations we know will cause us stress. Some people become addicted to the kind of hurried, tense, lifestyle that results from being under stress. They even look for stressful situations and feel stress about things that aren't stressful.

Environmental Stress - This is a response to things around you that cause stress, such as noise, crowding, and pressure from work or family.

Fatigue and Overwork - This stress builds up over time and can take toll on your body. It can be caused by over work, poor time management and not resting or relaxing. 

How Does Stress Affect You?

Stress can affect both your body physically with conditions like ulcers and IBS. It can also affect your mind, with loss of sleep and inability to think,reason, concentrate

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