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Depression Treatments and Counselling Therapy.

Depression is a serious and debilitating experience that significantly effects the quality of life takes special care to understand the unique needs of our clients to aid and enable clients to deal with Depression

Seek professional counselling, DONT suffer in Silence or alone. 
Some symptoms of Depression are:-

​1. Feeling stuck in your sadness, a sense that you cannot imaging being             happy again.Living with a future that seems hopeless and a sense of being     powerless to do anything about it.

2. Loss of sleep or a need to sleep all day, struggling to get out of bed, taking     little pleasure in your day.

3. Feeling worthless and that others might be better of without you. Stuck in       negative thoughts and words.

4. Unable to get to work.

5. Your relationships suffer and you isolate from others.

​6. in Extreme cases you may find yourself in your pyjamas all day and unable     to feed or wash or care for yourself.

7. Poor appetite or over eating.

8. Loss of Self Esteem

We urge you to seek help, Gwenda Chapman will lovingly support you through this time and empower you with new skills to make the changes necessary to change your life. 

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